1. brightyounghthing1989 asked: So I was looking for images of cool Coachella Fashion to pin to my Pinterest board (Cuz I´m a looser like that jajaja) and I found you on a Teen Vogue Best Festival Fashion Slide Show or Whatever, you are #20 in case you look for yourself. My point is: Girl you are everywhere nowadays (As it should be, of course). Greetings from Mexico!! No questions cuz you are awesome like that :)

    Oh thank you so much for showing me haha, that was such a great day at the festival!! I was having a bad day today so thank you:)


  2. Anonymous asked: Hi Christina, I'm from Poland and I'm your CaraBitch :D love yaaa xo

    Thanks you Baby!


  3. Anonymous asked: why did you get a hair relaxer?

    dude why do us girls do anything.



  5. Anonymous asked: Leo's at Coachella too! NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!!!! GO GRAB HIM!!!!

    my hubby


  6. Anonymous asked: Honey, you've got the most kissable cheeks.

    aw hahah


  7. Last day attire in #Alexanderwang & @jimmychooltd | #chooseyourhue


  8. Saw my favorite band Arcade Fire last night…so happy!!


  9. Last day in @jimmychooltd and some bling @cleopatrasbling


  10. Hard candy and hopefully tan 😐


  11. jesuschrist-:

    i want this

    • as a mural on my wall
    • as a framed and lighted painting
    • as a screen printed afghan
    • as a shower curtin
    • and last but not least a book of this image as stamps

    (Source: aglar-zirak-zigil, via mazzystardust)


  12. mazzystardust:

    Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky (2009)


  13. NYC diary photo series shot by @samlivm | soon on troprouge.com


  14. I think my hair turned grey from the sand last night! | #Coachella in @houseofharlow1960


  15. retrogasm:

    Right on the butt by the look of things…