1. Anonymous asked: Do you wear all of the free stuff you get? Or just the stuff you like. For real...?

    I usually pick out my pieces so I wear mostly everything, cause I want it to fit with my style..


  2. hclarky asked: If you were deserted on a remote island, what 5 items of clothing would you take?

    Long striped shirt
    Denim shorts
    Mom Jeans
    undies that say ho ho ho




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  7. Anonymous asked: are you a party animal?

    I mean..I like to party, but i’m not an animal hahaha


  8. was REAALY trying to get both feet on my face


  9. Friday

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  10. Sometimes I get scared when Friday rolls around, cause I know what i’m capable of and really want to enjoy my Saturday.



  12. thisisnotmyfairytaleendingg:

    FLASHBACK FRIDAY. Primary school. I was clearly a tramp. #fbf #memories


  13. brashycouture:

    April 18, 2014 at 02:11PM


  14. Anonymous asked: where do you get your bras and undies?

    my grandma use to legit buy mine till i was like 15…now i go to Victoria’s secret or Urban Outfitters….depends really i guess


  15. Anonymous asked: fav position ?

    your mom