1. Anonymous asked: that tattoo on your arm of the lady is the raddest!

    oh wow thank you!


  2. Anonymous asked: You remind me of gia carangi

    oh wow that’s a very sweet compliment… minus her tragic death i hope :(


  3. Juice run with @flashesofstyle & @theserenagoh in @loversfriendsla & @cameo_the_label | looking like I just taught a class at the gym 😂


  4. Spaghetti straps and big hats


  5. New On Trop Rouge


  6. Anonymous asked: What did you think of The Bling Ring?



  7. New on TropRouge.com | @brochuwalker & @worthandworth



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  10. mrgolightly:

    They weren’t ready for Naomi.

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  12. Anonymous asked: Whats your middle name?

    nope not happening


  13. Anonymous asked: Hey Christina. Are you gonna go to Roskilde Festival this year?

    i would REALLY like to!



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