Selfies with dranks are kool (at Benny’s Burritos)

Adding professional ice cream maker to my “résumé” thanks @kennethcoleprd @tessa_faye | @lonelyhighways @justinliv #ournyc (at Big Gay Ice Cream)

Cruise’n round LES sweating my ass off.

New on #troprouge : Home a way From Home With @theofficialpandora (at

Last morning with @alwaysjudging & @renzofranco ….gonna be sad to see them go.😫 (at The Ludlow Hotel)

Another girls night at my place.

Preview of tomorrow’s post with @theofficialpandora (at

One text message did this. 👊 (at The Derby)

Tonight’s game in @acnestudios (at The Derby)

Post shower cat naps / deleted my snapchat.

A little side swept in @missguided


Anonymous asked:

Are you okay?


not really actually.

Good days and bad.


Anonymous asked:

Tips for someone who is starting to smoke?